Knowledge platform crayfish

Knowledge platform invasive crayfish

Invasive crayfish are a major problem in many Dutch inland waters. The crayfish originate form the United States and have found their way all over the Netherlands. Here, the species disrupt the freshwater ecosystem by their burrowing and grazing behavior. More and more professional freshwater fishermen are experimenting with developing a fishery for these species. However due to a lack of knowledge on the effect of these fisheries and different views from various stakeholders, these fisheries have remained small scale and are not able to develop further.

Good Fish Foundation founded a national Crayfish information platform in 2017. The main goal of this project is to investigate opportunities for developing a sustainable fishery for these species which in the meantime will counteract a further invasion. This project entails various activities. At first, together with Wageningen Environmental Research, we investigated the effect of crayfish fisheries on the crayfish population and possible negative side-effects.

By doing this research, we aim to gain more knowledge on the potential of professional crayfish fisheries in combatting this invasive species and for providing consumption advice in our Seafood Guide (the VISwijzer). If these fisheries have no or minimal side effects and are effective in reducing the crayfish population, Good Fish Foundation sees a great opportunity in developing a sustainable fishery and product. Furthermore, in collaboration with netVISwerk, GFF is the first to investigate the crayfish fishermen’s point of view on the invasive crayfish and their role as part of the solution.

All information on this project and the invasive crayfish in the Netherlands can be found on (In Dutch only). This website was established by the Good Fish Foundation. This project is funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.