What is Good Fish

Our VISwijzer often distinguishes between ‘Good’ and ‘Red’ fish, but how do we come to this conclusion?

The VISwijzer uses a traffic light system to score fish species with either green, orange or red. If a fish scores either green or orange, the fish is named as a Good Fish, but if a fish scores red you should avoid eating this species.

Wild caught or farmed?

The VISwijzer also makes a distinction between wild caught fish and farmed fish when giving out colour scores. Wild caught fish is perceived as ‘Good’ if, the species is not being overfished, has been caught with a fishing method that has minimal damage on the ecosystem, and when the fishery is well-managed. Farmed fish is ‘Good’ if, sustainable feed is used, the effects on the surrounding area are minimal, and if the farm is well-managed and regulations are followed.

Would you like to know exactly how the VISwijzer assessments are done? Then visit the page methodology.