Atlantic salmon

Atlantic salmon is seen as a delicacy by many consumers in the Netherlands. The Atlantic salmon sold in the supermarkets is always farmed and usually comes from either Norway or Scotland. The wild salmon that you can buy in the Netherlands is Pacific salmon. Salmon is sold both smoked and raw.

In almost all cases, the salmon that can be found in thesupermarkets is ASC-certified. This ecolabel is a trustworthy quality mark indicating responsibly farmed fish. Nevertheless, the farming of salmon still has a number of negative effects. To name a few; salmon has to consume a lot of wild fish to grow, they suffer from sea lice and diseases spread quickly and easily.

VISwijzer advice

Despite the fact that there are still a number of negative effects associated with salmon farming, eating ASC-certified or organically farmed salmon is a responsible choice. Please visit our extensive VISwijzer for more details.