Catch Welfare Platform (CWP)

Fish welfare is gaining interest. Even fisheries are searching for ways to safeguard fish welfare. Until recently no global platform was available to share knowledge and experience and combine it with scientific research. This is why the Catch Welfare Platform (CWP) was founded in 2023. 

Worldwide multiple countries are already researching ways to improve welfare for certain species. Although welfare within aquaculture had the main focus at first, nowadays more and more initiatives look into the welfare practices in fisheries. Scientific knowledge has grown massively over the last couple of years. However, a collective database is still lacking. CWP wants to change that.


The project

The CWP wants to build a network of multidisciplinary teams who will stimulate a change towards good catch welfare. They want to stimulate the exchange between collecting scientific research and sharing experience. To improve fish welfare, a change is needed from within the sector. That is why it is important to include everyone from the seafood chain. Research organisations, retailers, fishermen and other seafood related companies will together have to come up with innovative techniques that are least harmful for fish.

The goals of this project are:

  • To organise and coordinate a network of multidisciplinary teams;
  • To expedite a much needed transition in the global fishery towards an improvement in catch welfare during the entire process of catching fish, including the culling of fish after catching.

Kick-off in Bergen

The project starts with a kick-off event in Bergen, Norway. On the 20th, 21st and 22nd of November multiple working groups will be formed and participants can listen to multiple spekers and join interesting workshops given. After the event, interested participants can join online workgroups to work on diverse tasks.

CWP and Good Fish

Good Fish, as partner, is currently investigating ways to increase the value of Fish welfare in the Seafood chain. Welfare is a broad concept but if we can include it in our fishguide de VISwijzer and be transparant in our communication, it will be easier for the consumer to make an informed decision at the supermarket, the market stall or at a restaurant.

Good Fish hopes by improving and visualising fish welfare, the consumer is willing to spent more on fish which have experienced good welfare during production, catch and slaughter. This way fishermen and fish farmers will be rewarded for their efforts to improve and secure fish welfare.

For more information on the Catch Welfare Platform and if interested in joining the kick-off event, see: 

The Catch Welfare Platform is an initiative of Wageningen University and Research, Institue of Marine Research, Nofima and Michelle Boonstra Community. They work together with the partners: UiT Arctic University of Norway, Care Fish Catch and Good Fish