Small sole

If you walk along the coast in The Netherlands you will see that a vast majority of restaurants have small sole on their menu. However, there are many problems that go accompanied with the fishery for small sole.

Small sole is caught using bottom trawls, a fishing method that has serious consequences for all life on and at the bottom of the ocean.  The nets used to catch small sole have very small mesh sizes which leads to a high amount of by-catch, consisting mainly of young and undersized fish.

VISwijzer advice

Due to all the consequences the fishing method has on all life on and at the bottom of the ocean, the high amount of by-catch of undersized fish, and the amount of juvenile sole that is caught it is better to avoid eating this species. A good alternative for small sole is Lemon sole. This is the same species, however lemon sole is an adult sole that has reproduced. Visit the extensive VISwijzer for details.

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