Giant tiger shrimp

The giant tiger prawn, also known as the tropicalshrimp, is incredibly popular worldwide. When ordering tropical shrimp in a restaurant, chances are big you could receive eitherwhite-legged shrimp or giant tiger prawns. Unfortunately, there are multiple issues when these species are farmed.

For example, many mangrove forests used to be cut down for the construction of farming ponds. Nowadays, these ponds are built near coastal areas, which are valuable and vulnerable natural areas as well. Because shrimp easily transmit diseases many medicines, antibiotics, and chemicals are used which are very harmful to the environment, and because of the poor laws and regulations in the countries where this species is farmed, little is being done about it.

Wild prawns

Tropical shrimp are also caught in the wild but are severely overfished and the fishing method used has serious consequences for the ecosystem. There are also many problems with fisheries management and illegal fishing.

VISwijzer advice

Because of all the problems surrounding tropical shrimp, it is better to avoid these species. An exception to this, are prawns with the ASC ecolabel, which are sustainable. See our extensive VISwijzer for more details.

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