Our vacancies

Internship restaurant program Chefs for Good fish

Good Fish started her restaurant program Chefs for Good Fish in 2017. At that time, more than 80% of the Dutch catering industry still had one or more red rated fish species on the menu. Currently, nearly 300 restaurants have joined Good Fish and no longer serve red rated fish. We are now working on a solid network of ambassadors that go one step further and only serves green rated fish.

 We work together with fish suppliers and industry associations such as Green Key, Fish&Season, gastronomic guild, Dutch Cuisine and Euro-Toques and attend various trade fairs to provide information on sustainable fish. With this internship you can make an important contribution to making the Dutch hospitality industry more sustainable and build a broad network.

How can you help us?

– Maintain contacts with various (ambassador)chefs and restaurants and provide them with correct scientific information about sustainable fish

– Help organize the World Oceans deal on June 8 ‘22

– Helping with the organization of Gastvrij Rotterdam in Ahoy in September ’22

– Updating the project pages of the catering program

This is what we ask of you:

  • You have a strong affinity with the objectives of Good Fish and you would like to make the Dutch restaurant sector more sustainable
  • You have strong organizational skills and work ethics
  • You have strong social skills and can motivate people
  • You are following a hospitality education or HBO education with an affinity towards sustainability
  • You have a good understanding of the Dutch language in writing and you speak good English
  • You are eager to learn and take initiative,

Will you join our mission: “100% Good Fish in the Netherlands”? We are looking for your help! Send an email with CV and motivation to: tatiana@goodfish.nl

Een open sollicitatie sturen kan ook altijd. Stuur hiervoor je CV en motivatie naar Tatiana@goodfish.nl