TOP mussels

Of all marine life, mussels are perhaps the most sustainable product you can eat. On our VISwijzer, mussels score green, because of the stable stock, the sustainable cultivation technique and the good management.

But there’s more! These blue shellfish keep the sea clean with their filter system and, by doing this, they also obtain their food. As a result, the CO2 footprint is 6 times lower than chicken and shrimp and 8 times lower than beef!

The project

Despite the sustainability of mussels, consumers are eating less and less of them. They feel that mussels are difficult to prepare and they find cleaning and sorting out broken shells a hassle. Also, many people still believe in the Dutch saying that mussels are only available when the ‘r’ is in the month.

But nothing could be further from the truth! Mussels are thoroughly checked and rinsed clean. Most mussel dishes are cooked within fifteen minutes and are available almost all year round. The only exception is spring, when they reproduce. Mussels are purposely not caught during this time, so the stocks stay on a stable level.