The invasive exotic American crayfish have become an infestation in Dutch waters, as they cause banks and dikes to be unstable and damage the ecosystem.

There are 5 different species of invasive crayfish in the Netherlands. Supermarkets sell ‘American crayfish’ that has not been caught in the Netherlands but has been farmed in unregulated Chinese farms that cause harm to the environment. Therefore, it is better to avoid buying red crayfish in the supermarkets.

Local crayfish

A good alternative is to buy fresh crayfish from local fishermen, which is caught in the Netherlands. By catching them, fishermen can tackle the infestation. Until recently, fishermen only sold these crayfish to Dutch restaurants. However, to make these delicious crayfish available for everybody, we have created an interactive map pinpointing the locations where you can buy crayfish. Take a look and order some yourself!

VISwijzer advice

Catching as many crayfish as possible seems to be the only solution for tackling  this infestation. Buy crayfish that is caught in the Netherlands, by using the map and finding you nearest fishermen! Avoid crayfish sold in supermarkets which are farmed under poor conditions. See our extensive VISwijzer for more details.

Good Fish is working together with fishermen and water managements to combat the crayfish infestation. You can read more about it here.