About us

Is farmed salmon better than wild caught salmon? Is locally fished fish more sustainable than fish from afar? Which fish should I avoid putting on my menu? Good Fish has all the information needed to make good choices about sustainable fish consumption. Our goal: 100% sustainable fish in the Netherlands!

Good Fish has been working on Sustainable Development Goal 14: life below water since 2014. We have put bycatch on the menu and with our ‘Power to the Eel’ campaign, the whole of the Netherlands will know it’s better to avoid eating the critically endangered European Eel. By making the choices of seafood lovers as easy as possible via our seafood guide the VISwijzer, we increase the demand for sustainable fisheries and farms!

Behind the scenes, we also work on less known themes such as illegally caught fish, traceability, and social circumstances.

Our mission

Our mission is that by 2030, the Netherlands only catches, farms, sells and consumes sustainable fish. We will achieve this by working together with fishermen, fish farmers, fish processors, and fishmongers! But also by helping supermarkets and fish stalls to increase their sustainable assortment of fish, making the choice for sustainable fish a lot easier for consumers.

Are you an entrepreneur and would you like to help us achieve this goal? read what you can do at the ‘become a partner’ page.