Data collection flyshoot

Data collection flyshoot fishery

Most important commercial fish stocks – common sole and plaice- for the Netherlands have been managed at sustainable levels for a number of years now. However, some less interesting species such as gurnards, red mullet or sepia lack sufficient information (data-deficient) about the stock biomass and fishing pressure. As a result, it is not clear whether these species are fished at sustainable levels since no explicit management measures are in place.

The project Flyshoot project makes a concrete first step to collect data together with the flyshoot fleet in line with a representative ‘data collection protocol’. Better data collection might result in an improved scoring in the Dutch Seafood Guide. The project is an unique collaboration between NGO Good Fish Foundation and flyshoot fisheries Cornelis Vrolijk/Jaczon and Wageningen Marine Research.

The project ‘Kennisplatform VISwijzer en Flyshoot’ is funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.