Power to the Eel

  • The European Eel is listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List
  • In 50 years time, the stock of the eel has decreased by more than 95%
  • Every eel that's eaten is one too many

The European eel is under serious threat. Like the black rhino and giant tortoise, it is critically endangered on the Red List of Endangered Species (IUCN).

And that is not surprising, because the eel is overfished, traded illegally and has to deal with migration barriers and poaching. Nevertheless, it is still for sale at most fishmongers and is on the menu at numerous restaurants. Precisely because you can buy eel in many places, many consumers do not know that it’s status remains critical.

The project

Good Fish wants to make consumers aware of the situation of the European eel. That is why we launched our Power to the Eel campaign in the autumn of 2020. In addition to consumer advice, we are focusing on European regulations and on the illegal trade in eel. In cooperation with RAVON and thanks to financial support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery, we are making a stand for the eel. Read more about this project on the campaign website, sign the petition and make a fist for the eel!

Can I eat eel?

Preferably not. European eel always scores red on our seafood guide the VISwijzer, even if the eel is ‘farmed’. After all, farmed eel is nothing less than wild caught baby eel, which is raised and fed until it gets sold. Unfortunately, so far no one has managed to reproduce eel in captivity.