Save our Eel

Save our Eel

Good Fish Foundation works on the protection of the European Eel for future generations. The eel is widely distributed in Europe. Its status is critically endangered on the IUCN Red list of threatened species. The eel is an extraordinary fish, that can be found in fresh waters as well as marine habitats.

During his life, the eel encounters many threats. Overfishing and poaching, illegal trade to Asia, and migration barrières, such as dams, sluices, pumping stations and hydrowpower facilities. These waterworks prevent eel migration to the ocean and migration inwards to freshwater basins.

Many people are not aware of the critical situation of the eel. That is why Good Fish Foundationis is working on raising awareness. Besides that, we lobby for a more effective European Eel regulation to protect the eel and to tackle the threats. We work with many partners and companies that want to work with us. Also, we support scientific eel research, because much is still unknown about this fish.

Thanks to financial support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery we are able to put the eel in the spotlight the coming years.

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