European eel

Perhaps you remember the stories your  grandparents used to tell about the abundance of eel that used to make their way through our rivers. Unfortunately, those times are far behind us, as nowadays, only 5% of the original stock remains.

There are several reasons for this decline . It is harder for them to complete their migration routes due to many barriers in the water. Eels are poached and illegally traded to Asian countries, where they can be sold for thousands of euros. In spite of these reasons, eel is still being fished. There is much room for improvement in the European legislation for this species.

Eel farms

One term that may be confusing to many consumers is ‘farmed eel’. If it was possible to farm eels, we might have found the solution for the survival of this species. However, baby eels do not survive in captivity and thus  farmed eel is nothing less than wild-caught baby eel which has been grown out in a nursery.

VISwijzer advice

Farmed eel or wild caught eel? It doesn’t matter. Every eel that is consumed is one too many. It is therefore advised to avoid eating it. Visit the extensive VISwijzer for more information.

Even though the eel is not a cute panda, it also deserves to be saved. Together with RAVON and with financial support from the National Postcode Lottery, we are trying to make a stand for the eel. Visit the Power to the Eel website and sign the petition!

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