• Where it all started
  • See in an instance how sustainable your seafood choice is
  • Contribute to healthy oceans

Our battle for 100% sustainable fish started with the VISwijzer. For many consumers, choosing sustainable fish is often quite complicated. The ASC and MSC quality marks often make the choice easier, but what do you do when these marks are missing, for example at the fish specialist?

For this, the VISwijzer offers a solution. This tool quickly and easily shows you how sustainable the fish you buy is. Based on scientific data from the World Wildlife Fund, Fishbase and the FAO, the VISwijzer always guarantees an independent consumption advice.

The VISwijzer is available via the VISwijzer app and the website and is updated annually. There is both a simplified VISwijzer and an extended VISwijzer available.


Would you like to know more about how the assessments on our VISwijzer are made? Then visit the methodology page.