Chefs For Good Fish

  • More than 80% of the Dutch restaurants serve seafood with a red score
  • Good Fish helps catering companies with their sustainability wishes at no cost
  • There are already more than 500 catering companies participating

Out of the 500 restaurants we investigated in 2018, we found out that 81% had fish on their menu that scores red on our VISwijzer.

Reason enough for a change! Good Fish stimulates chefs, catering businesses, fish shops and restaurants to serve more sustainable fish and ignore fish with a red score on the VISwijzer.

The project

Together with Chefs voor Goede Vis (Chefs for Good Fish), Good Fish is committed to a sustainable catering sector. We strive to ensure that every consumer can enjoy a tasty fish dish, without having to worry about sustainability, because all fish in the Netherlands is sustainable. More than 500 restaurants have now joined our catering programme.

The Chefs for Good Fish programme focuses on more than just restaurants, though. We also help supermarkets, wholesalers, fish suppliers and fish shops in becoming more sustainable. With the well-known VISwijzer icons, they show their customers which fish is sustainable and which is not. In this way, consumers can make a well-considered choice for themselves.

Become a Chef for Good Fish

As Chef for Good Fish you will help with the transition to sustainable fisheries and responsible fish farming. Participating in our horeca programme also has several advantages.

For supermarkets, fish suppliers and wholesalers

This is what you can expect:

  • An extensive sustainability analysis on your current fish supply, including advice on how to increase sustainability.
  • Your company listed as a Good Fish-supplier, Good Fish restaurant or shop on our website.
  • The possibility to profile your company as a sustainable establishment and to use this in your MVO-reports.
  • One contact person that can answer all of your questions on sustainability.
  • Optional: a risk analysis for products where social work environments are in dispute.

Have you become enthusiastic? Send an e-mail to or call 0318 76 92 87. You can also apply by filling in the form below.

For chefs and restaurant owners

By participating in the Chefs for Good Fish program you will help make the transition to sustainable fisheries and responsible fish farming. Participation in the hospitality program has many more advantages.

The advantages

As a Chef for Good Fish you can expect:

  • All the information you need to make sustainable choices in fish.
  • Your restaurant portrayed as a ‘Good Fish location’ on our website.
  • Access to the VISwijzer traffic light system that can be put on your menu.
  • A free menu scan for sustainable fish and additional advice.
  • The feeling that you are making a difference and actually contributing to a more honest and sustainable future for us and our oceans.
  • Optional: a workshop on Good Fish
  • Participation is free!

Would you like to know more? Send an e-mail to or call 0318 76 92 87. You can also apply by filling in the form below.