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Regional Advisory Councils, regional organisations who are giving advice on fisheries management to the European Union. 60% of the members represent fisheries organizations, 40% are other stakeholders.

A culture technique in which water is led from a higher point to a culture basin. From here it flows through to the drain. This water must be properly purified or it may have negative effects on the environment.

An environmentally friendly cultivating system completely locked from the natural environment, wastewater is purified and re-used and the system is well controlled.

International organisations formed by countries that have fishing interests outside the Exclusive Economic Zones. Some organizations manage all fish stocks in a particular area, while other RFMO's focus on migrating fish, such as tuna, and outstretched areas. 

Culturing schellfish on poles and/or wire nets that are hanging in the water column. Using feed from the sea water, mussels and other shellfish grow up to consumption size.