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A fishing technique whereby a pit net upon seine ropes is pulled out by two boats through the water column. 

Fishing gear fixed in the water column. 

Pelagic trawls is a fishing technique whereby a funnel-shaped trawl is pulled through the water column. Because the trawl does not drag over the bottom, there is no bottom disturbance.

In pelagic trawling, a trawl is pulled through the water column. The net is not towed across the seabed.

A cultivation technique whereby fish is cultivated in ponds. This happens extensively (without additional feed) and intensive (with additional feed supplements). 

A fishing method in which traps made of chicken wire are baited (fresh or salted fish) which are then placed on the seabed. Species caught this way include crab, lobster, whelk, langoustine and octopus.

A stable fishing mortality, necessary to keep a fish stock healthy. 

Many marine species are protected from deliberate or intentional disturbance, capture, injury and killing, and in some cases possession or sale. Species are often protected if they play an important role in the ecosystem or are sensitive to fishing. These marine species are protected regardless of whether they are inside or outside marine protected areas.

An experimental beam trawl method whereby the tickler chains are replaced by wires that emit light pulses. 

An active fishing method aimed at catching Pelagic species (species swimming in the water column). Purse nets are set in a circle around a school of fish, after which the net is closed at the downside. 

A ring net in which the net is circulated around a school of fish. Then the net is closed and taken in. This is also called 'purse seine'.