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A lampara is a ring net without a closing line. The lampara has a small pocket-shaped pit which is provided on both sides with large wings. These consist of a network with a top line of floats and a weighty downside. After the ship has made a circular motion, the wings are simultaneously lifted on board .

Bringing (a part of) the total catch to the land or transport it from the fishing boat to a transport boat. 

The length of the landed fish.

Nets with a large mesh size.

Square fishing nets attached to two intersecting, bent sticks. At the place where the two sticks cross, a line is secured to pick up the net when fish swim above the net.

The long term average is a measurement tool that compares the size of a stock to see if it is larger or smaller than the average.

Also known as line fishing. A fishing method in which lines and hooks are used.

A fishing method whereby a long main line (40-100 km long) with transverse lines with hooks with bait is expanded. The line floats on buoys in the water column.