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An Exclusive Economic Zone is an area up to 200 nautical miles offshore a certain state. Within this area, the state has a number of rights, including the right to exploit raw materials, fisheries and scientific research.

The cutters of Ekofish Group are the first Dutch North Sea cutters who have successfully completed the MSC certification process. Since 19 July 2009, the twin-fishery of the Ekofish Group has been certified as the first fishery with MSC. The Ekofish Group's cutters have been running MSC certified plaice since July 2009.

Gill nets are encircling a school of fish, while the fish is being hunted towards the net. The fishing nets stand upright in the water. Fish get stuck in the nets with their gills. 

Escapement goals are objectives used for example in the management of Pacific salmon stocks. It is determined how many salmon must escape the fishery and continue reproducing in order to exploit the stocks sustainably and with optimal yields. 

It may happen that farmed animals escape during the farming process, for example when farming at sea or in rivers. This can lead to genetic mixing between the farmed animals and wild populations and can have negative effects on the growth and fertility of wild animals.

European Union.

The (gradual) increase of nutrients, whereby strong growth and multiplication of certain types appear. Eutrophication can lead to a decrease in biodiversity. 

Extensive cultivation is cultivation where fish have a lot of space and barely need extra food.