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Fishing gear dragged actively over the bottom or through the water column to catch fish.  

An ANBI is a 'Public Benefit Organization'. An institution can only be an ANBI, if at least 90% of the efforts are focused on the general good. 

The anchor seine (or Danish seine) is a trawl shaped like an open cone. 'Seine fishing' is a fishing method whereby the fish is enclosed by an net that is dragged over the bottom with an outflanking movement. At the anchor seine, one side is anchored and the other side is pulled over the bottom by a ship. The anchor seine is mainly used for flatfish.   

A fishing technique whereby passing fish become tangled up in a net with their gills (also known as a gillnet), which is vertically standing on the bottom.

Human influences.

The cultivation of fish.

Aquaculture Stewardship Council, a worldwide eco-label for responsible cultivated fish.

The ASMFC is the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, an organization that focuses on the management of fish stocks along the Atlantic coast of the United States.