Fish issues


One of the fish issues that is most common in our own North Sea is by-catch. But what does this concept mean? As an example, we take a fisherman who fishes for sole and plaice.

A fisherman likes to catch sole or plaice, as these flatfish have a high market value and are therefore popular among fishermen. The fisherman uses a trawl net to catch them. Because the sole has a slim model, the mesh sizes (the holes) in the net are relatively small which makes it difficult for by-catch species to escape.

By-catch usually has a lower market value and is often thrown back into the sea. This is also called ‘discarding’. The survival rate of these discards is only 15 to 30%, making it a form of food waste. Part of the by-catch that is taken ashore goes to the fish auction. The other part is exported abroad or used for fishmeal and fish oil.

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