Waddengoud is an ecolabel of the Wadden Group Foundation. Only “local products” and sustainable products are eligible for this quality mark. The Wadden Group Foundation wants to use its quality mark to stimulate sustainable economic development.

Among other things, the foundation has developed guidelines and criteria for fish, crustaceans, and shellfish such as cockles, mussels, mussels, smelt, sole and sea bass. The criteria were developed in collaboration with the Waddenvereniging and the Vogelbescherming (the Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds) and include animal welfare and product quality.

In contrast to the MSC standard, the entire production chain is supervised including energy consumption and sustainability of packaging. The certification is tested by a third independent party; however, the certification process has not been made public leaving no opportunities for input and complaints.

Waddengoud guarantees that fishermen are serious about sustainability and evaluates any environmental effects their businesses may create. Unfortunately, not all parts of the certificate have been completed in sufficient detail. For example, there are no clear criteria on sole and shrimp fishing with regards to bycatch and negative effects on the ecosystem.