Good Fish Foundation and Nico Waasdorp work together on fishboxes

13th of may 2020 – It is now possible to cook at home with a selection of responsibly caught and farmed fresh fish from the ‘Good Fish Box‘ or ‘Bycatch Box‘ These two fish boxes are Nico Waasdorps’ initiatieve, owner of Fish&Seafood Waasdorp and Ecoseafood. The COVID-19 virus has a big impact on his sales, because he can no longer deliver to restaurants. His terrace on the dock of IJmuiden is also closed, which is why he looked for other ways to sell his products.

Environmental organisation Good Fish Foundation is very happy with the fish boxes. “It’s great to see that entrepreneurs are not only creative in finding ways to keep selling their product, but also don’t forget the importance of sustainability. Apart from that, there are currently not many sustainable fish boxes on the market. We hope more fish suppliers will follow this example, says Maud Veraar, director of Good Fish Foundation.

The sustainable fish boxes contain a selection of fish recommended by the VISwijzer. The Good Fish Box only contains certified ASC- and MSC- fish. The Bycatch box contains (unnecessarily) less-popular fish from the Northsea. With the bycatch box, we hope to stimulate consumers in buying more bycatch in the future. The bycatch box is reviewed as a good choice by the Good Fish Foundation.

By using wildcaught MSC-certified and farmed ASC-certificed fish, Waasdorp supports the choice for responsible fish products. Apart from these certifications, Waasdorp also has a partnership with the Good Fish Foundation. With this partnership, we work on proper, independent information about sustainability for all non-certified fish sold by Ecoseafood.

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The fish boxes are available on and delivery arrives one day after ordering all over The Netherlands. Do you want inspiration for delicious and sustainable seafood recipes? Visit and our  recipe page!