First dutch salmon trout assessed green on VISwijzer

Good Fish has assessed the first salmon trout farm in the Netherlands with a green score on the VISwijzer. To do this we visited the Streekvis farm in Dodewaard, owned by Jelle Busscher. The assessment has been made specifically for this farm and indicates the salmon trout is farmed in a sustainable manner.

The taste of the salmon trout is between that of the trout and salmon. The big advantage of this species is that it is farmed with relative ease and less fish feed is needed compared to for instance salmon.

What is the assessment based on?

The farm is assessed based on use of resources, the impact on the environment and the management of the farm. Beside the fact that the feed comes from sustainable and traceable sources, it is free from GMO’s. The salmon trout is farmed in a RAS system and has no impact on the surrounding environment. The system allows for the recycling of  water and to maintain optimal water conditions.

During the farming process animal welfare is taken into account. The animals are raised in turbulent water in order to stimulate natural behavior and are killed in an animal friendly manner. In addition, prevention of disease outbreak is a major priority, minimizing use of chemicals and antibiotics. The farm is well regulated and complies to all policies concerning fish farming.

Read about the full assessment here.

Salmon trout in your store or on the menu?

Are you interested in selling salmon trout in your store or in your restaurant? Contact Jelle Busscher through or check out the Facebookpage of Streekvis.