Dutch Flyshooting has been maintained in French waters

Geplaatst op 24 oktober 2022

The European Commission, the Parliament and the Council of the European Union met on the 29th of September to discuss the request from French fishing representatives, their politicians and environmental NGOs like Bloom, to ban demersal seine-netting (a category of flyshooting) from French coastal waters. This fishing technique is mostly performed by Dutch and Belgium fishermen. The outcome of the meeting was that the ban was rejected.  

 In July, the EU Parliament favored the ban of demersal seine netting in french coastal waters. The issue was then transferred to the trialogue on the 29th of September, a meeting that involved the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council of the European Union. The outcome of the meeting was a rejection of this ban, which was requested amongst others, by 98% of French fishermen and 143 French deputies, according to the environmental NGO Bloom.  

Source: French fishers protest blocks landings of Dutch-owned flyshooters (thefishingdaily.com) 

 The demand to ban demersal seine-netting was deemed discriminatory. The Parliament and the Commission invited EU governments to come up with recommendations with regards to raised concerns about bottom trawl fishing methods. They also mentioned they would provide funding for scientific research, especially on large flyshoot ships (longer than 25 meters).