Good Fish organizes webinar: Seaspiracy, Facts & Fiction

April 19th, 2021 – The Netflix-documentary Seaspiracy is trending an is ranked amongst ‘the most viewed titles in the Netherlands’. It brings to light horrible practices, such as; overfishing, illegal catch, slavery, plastic soup and fish suffering. Go vegan is the solution the documentary offers against all of this oceancentric violence. Good Fish fights against some of these issues in the fishing industry on a daily basis, however, some nuance is required.   

The notion that sustainable fishing does not exist is a statement which Good Fish does not endorse. Also, the documentary poses some factual inaccuracies. We have received a great deal of consumer questions after seeing the documentary. Good Fish organizes a Webinar on Earthday (thursday, april 22nd). Together we watch short clips from the documentary and discuss some of the highlighted problems with a panel of experts.

Is the fish I consume caught slave-free? Can I eat fish alltogether? And are things, as the documentary suggests, really that bad on salmon farms? 

These are the questions we hope to answer the 22nd of april. The webinar will take place at 20.00 and will take around 45 minutes. Participation is free and you can register here. And don’t forget to send in some of your questions through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn!