25 restaurants supported with Support your Locals initiative

2nd of july 2020 – The Support Your Locals initiative, created to support more than 500 horeca partners in times of the corona crisis, has finished. At the beginning of April, the Good Fish Foundation started to reach out to their horeca partners to get informed with their creative ideas to get through the corona crisis. As an organisation, we were surprised by all the creative initiatives, from takeaways to fully catered mother’s day brunches and from food drive-ins to delivery services on bicycles.

It’s common sense that the restaurant industry is one of the sectors that has been striked the hardest. The sector has shown its most resilient side and, due to the further easing of the Dutch government, can now receive more guests. Of course, we encourage everybody to continue to support the restaurant industry and, with the RIVM guidelines in mind, visit your favourite good seafood restaurant again.

Incidentally, attention was not only given to the initiatives of restaurants. The Good Fish Suppliers and Good Fish Stores could also count on our support. They were indirectly affected by the corona crisis, because the catering industry is an important sales channel for them.

Making our partners visible

It would of course be a shame if the creative ideas of the horeca sector were not seen by the general public. One of the goals of the Support Your Locals action was therefore to improve visibility for our partners. A sponsored advertisement was created for each initiative, which was then distributed within the direct circle of the hospitality industry. This resulted in over 3 million views, spread over 25 hospitality partners with a reach of 1.7 million Dutch citizens!

With these great results we hope to contribute to a positive future for the hospitality sector. In this way, we can continue to focus on our ultimate goal in the future: Only good fish in all Dutch restaurants.

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