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Cuttlefish (sepia)

Quality mark Cultivation
/Keurmerk Wild
Second choice
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Cuttlefish (sepia)

There are two species of cuttlefish that are eaten: one can be found in the Indian Ocean (Sepia pharaonis) and the other can be found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean (Sepia officinalis). These species can be recognised by their wide, flat bodies and their short arms. These cuttlefish can reach lengths of 43-49 centimetres and can weigh 4-5 kilograms.

ASC label

Fish with the ASC label is farmed in a sustainable manner.

MSC label

Fish with the MSC label is caught sustainably.

Good fish

This fish is not being overfished or is being responsibly farmed, with minimal impact on the environment.

Second choice

This fish is a second choice. There are still some improvements to be made in this fishery or fish farm.


Do not buy this fish. It's being overfished or the way it's farmed or caught has a negative impact on the environment.


There is fish available of this species that is farmed or caught using high welfare standards.


GlobalG.A.P. certified farms are doing a step in the right direction in terms of sustainability. A few species with this label are getting a better score on the VISwijzer.


Organic standards are the strictest when it comes to fish feed. They also require certain measures for animal well-being.