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The eel is 0-7 behind. Its somewhat strange way of reproduction and other causes such as illegal trade, migration barriers and locks and dams are just a few of the many reasons why he is in such a bad spot. And that is why we need your help. Become an eel supporter and save the eel!

That is the approach of the Power to the Eel campaign, an initiative of Good Fish and RAVON with financial support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery. With this campaign, we want to generate attention for the eel, because this unique species is not doing well. It’s critically endangered on IUCN’s International List of Threatened Species and if we do nothing, it will die out.

0-7 behind

Learn exactly why the eel is 0-7 behind in this animation!

Sign the petition

Make a stand for the eel as well and help us make an impact in Brussels. By signing the petition on we save this fish from extinction, because he may not be a cute panda, but he too deserves to be saved!