Restaurant programme

The restaurant programme

A lot of consumers learn about unknown seafood in restaurants. Unfortunately, the fish sold in restaurants are often overfished, illegally caught or poorly managed. We reviewed 500 restaurants in 2016, and noticed 81% of the restaurants had fish on their menu with a red score on the VISwijzer. 

The choice to serve non-sustainable fish in a restaurant usually has nothing to do with wrongdoing, but because of a lack of knowledge and information. To inform restaurants in their ambition for sustainability, Good Fish Foundation created the restaurant programme. As of today, more than 500 restaurants are participating in this programme!


There are alot of advantages a ‘chef for good fish’ gets for free:
– All information necessary to make a sustainable seafood choice
– Your restaurant on the VISwijzer website as a ‘good fish location’
– Permission to use the VISwijzer traffic light system on your menu
– A free menuscan for sustainable fish with additional advice
– All information necessary for making a sustainable seafood choice
– The feeling of having a positive impact on a sustainable future for our oceans

Are you in?

Are you a chef or enterpreneur in the horeca and do you have a sustainable ambition? Join our free restaurant programme now!