Restaurant programme

Our restaurant partners

In our restaurant programme, the Good Fish Foundation works with various partners. On this page you will find a brief summary of all our partners and why they are part of our restaurant programme.


Euro-Toques restaurants work with sustainable and local products. The Euro-Toques chefs respect the ‘Chefs for Good Fish’ program. They try to cook with the best products while also respecting the VISwijzer methodology. Euro-Toques and the Good Fish Foundation work together on organising workshops and courses for this purpose.

Visit Euro Toques website for more information.

Pesca Foundation 

As ‘Theatre of Fish’ the Pesca foundation is very aware of the fish they sell to their guests. To make sure they can continue serving fish, Pesca decided to give back to our oceans by creating the Pesca Foundation. With the Pesca Foundation, charities putting in work for sustainable fisheries, a healthy fish stock and a plastic free ocean are supported.

For more information, visit the website of the Pesca Foundation.

Green Key 

Green Key is thé international quality mark for sustainable companies in the recreation, leisure and commercial industry. Companies with a Green Key certification do their absolute best in giving their guests maximum comfort and quality, but also making sustainable use of the resources available. The requirements for Green Key companies are stricter than local and European laws. Apart from that, Green key companies also serve fish that are caught in a sustainable manner or farmed responsibly.

Visit the Green Key website for more information. 

Gastronomisch Gilde

The Gastronomisch Gilde is thé community for professionals and students in the restaurant and hospitality industry. The guild consists of different groups, filled with experts.

The Gastronomisch Gilde signed the Ocean Deal at the World Oceans Dinner on the 8th of june 2019. This means that Gastronomisch Gilde, together with the 2000 chefs that are part of the Guild, put in their best efforts to only serve Good Fish on their menus.


Want to know more? visit the website of Gastronomisch Gilde.

Dutch Cuisine

Dutch Cuisine is working on getting Dutch cuisine and Dutch culture more well known both nationally and internationally. Dutch Cuisine and our culture is something we should be proud of, but isn’t as known as we would like it to be.
In terms of sustainability, Dutch Cuisine has five principles for people and the environment. You can find these principles in their manifesto.

Dutch Cuisine and the Good Fish Foundation work on making the fish on Dutch menus more sustainable.