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Good Fish suppliers

The Good Fish Foundation is always looking for collaborations with a variety of fish suppliers that fit in our horeca programme. In The Netherlands, various suppliers and wholesales associate themselves with sustainability. However, this does not mean their entire stock is sustainable. In 2019, research bureau Pointer concluded that wholesales score alot worse in terms of sustainability in comparison with supermarkets. Only 5% of the Bidfood products are certified for example. The majority of the fish sold at Makro (19%), Hanos (20%) and Sligro (28%) are also not certified.

For customers of wholesales and fish suppliers, it may be difficult to see what items are sustainable. Analyzing whether a product is ASC- or MSC-certified is the best way to do so, but these fish products are underrepresented at wholesales. Apart from that, not all fish species have a certification, forcing you to follow the information the wholesale or fish supplier gives you.

For that reason, you will find a list of all the wholesales and fish suppliers that currently sell sustainably caught or responsibly farmed fish products.



The products EcoSeafood sells are either MSC-, ASC- or BIO-certified, making sure that the fish you buy is actually sustainable. For more information, visit EcoSeafoods’ website.

Jan van As/ Vis & Seizoen

The Vis & Seizoen Foundation, created by fish mongler Jan van As, focuses on a more sustainable fish consumption. They primarily focus on sustainable fish, caught in the proper season. The rule for consumption is rather simple: Don’t eat a fish during it’s breed period.

The Vis & Seizoen Foundation created a 100% fish in the right season department, based on multiple criteria: The right season, a sustainable fishing technique, a healthy population and good quality. The products are either MSC- or ASC-certified or are approved by the Good Fish Foundation. Visit their website for more information.


Bos Seafood

For Bos Seafood, sustainability is the core of their entire business operations. The themes People, Planet, Pleasure and Profit are the core. Not only do they aim for better, more delicious and more sustainable products, they also focus on the right balance between People, Planet and Profit.

Together with the Good Fish Foundation, Bos Seafood works on the promotion of sustainable fish. For more information, visit Bos Seafoods’ website.

Adri & Zoon

In the timespan of one generation, Adri grew from being a simple musscle salesmen to what today is Adri & Zoon, thé partner in fish- and shellfish for food professionals. Together with the Good Fish Foundation, Adri & Zoon works on a Good Fish assortment. Visit their website for more information.

Ocean Gold

With more than 50 years of experience you could say Ocean Gold is a true fish expert. Ocean Gold is located in IJmuiden since 2008 and sells top-quality fish products to a variety of restaurants, hotels and healthcare institutions. Together with the Good Fish Foundation, they work on their Good Fish assortment. Visit their website for more information.