Fishing and farming methods

Fykes, pots and traps


Fykes are passive fishing gear which are designed in such a way that the entrance is a one-way door, allowing the fish to enter the fyke and making it impossible to escape. Fykes have little effect on the environment and the survival rate of bycatch is often high.

Pots and traps

Pots and  traps are often used to catch demersal crustaceans by baiting them with fresh or salted fish. After placing them on the seabed some boats empty them daily and others empty them every other day or weekly. Target species include crab, lobster, whelk, langoustine, and octopus. These types of catching methods are selective and can be considered sustainable. Lost pot and traps can however keep on catching fish (ghost fishing) which can be damaging to both the ecosystem and different populations.