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Founders VISwijzer

Good Fish Foundation
In 2014, Good Fish Foundation took ownership of the VISwijzer. The Good Fish Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation. Good Fish Foundations’ goal is to increase the amount of sustainably caught and responsibly farmed seafood for both consumer and the supply chain.

Apart from that, the Good Fish Foundation focusses on wider seafood issues, such as illegal fisheries, ethical issues and traceability. The NGO primarily focusses on seafood supply, processing, consumers, trading and management in both The Netherlands and Europe. Visit the website of the Good Fish Foundation for more information.

Other supporters
The VISwijzer is owned by the Good Fish Foundation. Its existence would not be possible, without the support of other organisations. Organisations that have contributed to the VISwijzer in its current form are the World Wildlife Fund and the National Postcode Lottery.

Seafood rating initiatives in other countries
Consumer guides like the VISwijzer exist all over the world. Just like our VISwijzer, they are created to promote sustainable seafood. In the seafood industry, we see a positive change in the amount of sustainably caught and responsibly farmed seafood. By working together with other organisations, we hope to create an even bigger impact. That is why GFF is one of the founders of the Global Seafood Ratings Alliance, GSRA. With this alliance, we want to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Seafood Rating Organizations and work to harmonize fisheries and aquaculture environmental sustainability assessments worldwide.

Want to know more about the GSRA? Visit www.globalseafoodratings.org.